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How I Came into the Heating & Cooling Field

by Nate Tomlin Jr.

I've always known I wanted to go into a profession that was about helping people. It has always been my calling to give my God Giving talents to the my community. Just could not figure out how. I've always been mechanically inclined and have interest to know how things work and how to fix them. 3 different friends suggested the HVAC field. I took their advice and went back to school. Turns out they were right! I love the HVAC field. It's rewarding to be able to provide comfort to families in their homes. I also love the challenge. HVAC technology is always developing/changing. I am constantly training to ensure I know the correct way to install, service, and fix a HVAC system. It's rewarding to find your calling. I am very blessed.


  1. EPA-Universal

  2. Stationary Engineer License

  3. Gas Furnace Specialist (York)

  4. Total System Protection

  5. Coil Cleaning

  6. Indoor Air Quality

  7. 410A Refridgerant

  8. Residentail Air Conditioners

  9. Two Stage Gas Furnace

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