AC Tuneup $85

You rely on your HVAC system for home comfort in every season. The last thing you want is for the AC to break down on a scorching summer day or the heating to malfunction on a freezing winter night. The smartest way to keep your heating and cooling system from shutting down is to set up a regular AC Tune-up.


Why Does My HVAC System Have to HaveTune-Ups?

Your HVAC system hides behind ceilings and floors, so it’s easy to forget about it. However, a mistreated system is probably going to run less efficiently, malfunction more frequently, and meet the end of its life cycle sooner.

The reason for an HVAC tune-up is to keep your AC working well all season long is to save money.

  • Reduce your heating and cooling costs

  • Have fewer expensive repairs

  • Add years to your system’s life

 We are a Sure Comfort Distributer

Sure Comfort® is a new name from an industry leader – offering a variety of durable, dependable Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Gas and Electric Furnaces to meet your customer’s needs and budget. With advanced features that come standard, great performance and warranties, you can enjoy solutions that keep your customer’s comfortable every day.


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“What an awesome, efficient professional. I appreciated the quick response and service time. It was an Emergency call. Within an hour my unit was fixed ”

Yashica Stimage, Ferguson MO