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AC & Furnace Installation

Whether you’re looking to install a HVAC system into a new home or replace your old System, Tomlin Heating & Air has a solution for you! We've got highly trained HVAC technicians and comfort advisers. We will install the perfect system for your St Louis home.

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Preventative Maintenace

Regular HVAC maintenance is said to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%. Chances are you wouldn’t drive your car for 30,000 miles without getting an oil change; you’d be asking for trouble. Preventative maintenance saves you time and MONEY!

Gas Leak Repair

Gas leaks are serious business. If you smell gas in your home please leave ASAP and call your St. Louis gas company and then call Tomlin. HVAC gas leaks take priority. We want our customers to be safe.

Duct Repair

If you have broken or damaged ductwork, you could be paying substantially more on your energy bill. Improper duct sealing alone could be causing up to 30% of your air to leak. When you want to take care of the problem at its source, call Tomlin Heating & Air and SAVE money.
AC & Furnace Repair

Don’t ignore your heating & cooling repairs! A minor issue can turn into a more expensive repair, and become a risk to you and your family. Safety comes first! Contact Tomlin today. 

Hot Water Heater Repair

Never be without hot water. Whatever the issue is, Tomlin Heating & Air can fix it. Call (314) 319-9678 today for the best price in St. Louis, MO.

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